The 2019 President

The Show Committee are delighted to introduce the President for this year’s Woodbridge Horse Show, Jenny Hudson.

Jenny spent her childhood as part of the Essex and Suffolk Pony Club. Holidays were spent doing rallies and going to shows where she learnt quickly that you could win one day and be on top of the world, only to find the next it could go horribly wrong. This, she was always told, was character building and would prepare you well for life.

Daughter to Janet Baxter she inherited her mother’s love of the thoroughbred. While deciding what to do as an adult Jenny went to work for Meg and Richard Bowers at their thoroughbred stud in Denton, Northamptonshire. This was formerly the racing yard of her step grandfather and her love of the thoroughbred was nurtured further. The first horse Jenny bought on her own was a Chestnut mare out of Richards show mare and by the stallion Hopton Lane. A leggy unbroken Chestnut mare with 3 white socks!!!!! Much to everyone’s surprise and with a lot of help from Debbie Edmondson the horse was a huge success and came second at the finals of the Burghly young event horse. Spurred on by this success Jenny bought the next two youngsters out of Richard’s mare and again, with help from Debbie both mares went on to be successful event horses.

Jenny accidently fell into the film world and started a sort of career which meant horses had to take a back seat. Luckily her Aunt had a few racehorses and her mother was hunting with the Easton Harriers which meant there was always a horse to ride. All three became great supporters of the various Retraining of Racehorses schemes that had just started around the country. Cheltenham was an exciting and special place for Jenny, so riding her mother’s ex racehorses Some Go West and Winniepeg to 4th and 10th at Cheltenham’s racehorse to eventer competition (see picture below of Winnie) was a particular treat. According to her mother had Jenny been concentrating during the timed section she and Winnie might have won.

Unfortunately riding came to an abrupt end in October 2015 following a bad fall from a young horse which left Jenny paralysed.

According to Jenny being president of the Woodbridge show is rather a grownup concept but one she is very pleased to have taken on. The planning and work involved behind the scenes is enormous. The hours spent by the committee on making the show happen and to ensure its a success are admirable.
She hopes that everyone has a thoroughly good and successful day.