Ridden Suffolk Horse Class

The Woodbridge Horse Show Society is pleased to introduce a new Suffolk Horse ridden class for the 2016 show. The class, which is a qualifier for the Horse of the Year Show at the NEC in Birmingham, aims to promote the Suffolk Punch as ridden horse in addition to its more traditional role as draft horse.
Despite recent increases in numbers, the breed is still listed as ‘Critical’ on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust watch-list and it is hoped that by showcasing another use for the Suffolk Horse the popularity of the breed, and therefore its numbers, will increase.
One of the founding values of the Woodbridge Horse Show Society is to promote the breeding of horses, in particular the Suffolk Horse which the charity has supported for many years. We are therefore very proud and excited to be running this new ridden class.
The class is open to any horse over the age of four that is registered in the main British Stud Books of the Suffolk Horse Society. Riders can be of any age, except for riders of stallions who must be over 16yrs. Entries are subject to an additional £12 levy which goes directly to HOYS.
For more information on rules and regulations please visit www.hoys.co.uk
The Ridden Suffolk Horse Class will take place at lunchtime in the Presidents Ring (Ring 3). We look forward to seeing you there.